Some Kind of Way Out of (t)Here

For about two years now, I’ve kept a separate blog, entitled “A Certain Style of Being.”  I maintained it “anonymously” (under the name Craig Alter) though a fair number of my family and friends knew that the blog was mine.  (It has long been listed here under “Other Blogs I Know,”)  I have considered it an experiment in thinking about the multiplicity of selfhood.  The “anonymity,” though it has been (and probably will still be) misunderstood in unfortunate ways by some, was mainly a device for freeing something(s) up in my own writing and thinking.

Today I added a final post to that blog, and will no longer post there.  If anything further develops, it will happen here or via some avenue of more “official” publication.  I don’t have an explanation right now for its “end,” in any sense of that word.

I do not expect you to read it unless for some reason you are truly interested.  The same caveat applies there which is given here:  Views expressed are not necessarily even my own, let alone those of any organization or group with which I am associated.


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