Following is a link to an audio recording of a presentation that I did last year.  It was part of a panel, “Human Sexuality and Theological Vocation in the Context of Personal, Institutional, and Ecclesial Practice,” Mennonite Scholars and Friends Forum (held in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion / Society of Biblical Literature annual meetings), San Diego, CA, November 22, 2014.

The title published beforehand was “Explicit Sex and Mennonite Scruples: On Normative and Descriptive Topographies of Sexuality.”  I announced the alternate title at the beginning (“Fixations: An Event with Four Footnotes”).  It ended up a bit different from what the original title envisioned, but the part after the colon still fully applies.

hearingIt is meant to be heard.

Audio of the presentation (mp3 format, 15.1 MB, 16 minutes).

A copy of the handout that was distributed to those present.

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