The Size of Things

“It’s a church!”

I don’t even realize I’ve said it until Bruce looks around at me. He is a few feet ahead of me, examining the sign in the front of the building. It’s variable lettering reads “EVERYONE IS WELCOME.”

He crosses his eyes and tilts his head mockingly. “DUH!!” I ignore this.

“It’s an EPISCOPAL Church!”

“Does that surprise you?”

“I know it probably shouldn’t.” I look up at the imposing architecture. “But yeah, it kind of does. Are you sure this is where we’ve been headed all this time?”

“As sure as I get about anything. I’m also reasonably sure that you are sure of it.”

“I’m not sure if I can tell lately what I’m sure of.” Now I’m looking at the oversized wooden doors. “Yeah, I guess I’m pretty sure of it too. Do we go in?”

Bruce’s face is very serious now. “Yes, definitely. That I am even more sure of.” Then he suddenly looks puzzled, and lays his hand on his sport coat, feeling something inside.

“What’s wrong?”

The puzzled look fades into some combination of excitement and fear. “My Bible.”

“What? Is it gone?”

“No.” He looks at the door, and then back at me. “It’s gotten bigger.”

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