Some Basic Stuff

I pronounce my name so that it rhymes with “dumb.” I have met Blums who pronounce it “bloom,” though, so I don’t get upset about that. It was probably “bloom” in the Old Country. Most of my friends call me “Pete,” but I answer just as well to “Peter” or sometimes just “hey you!” In fact, you can call me anything you like if you’re buying. I have an immense problem remembering names, so I try not to get uptight about mine.

I was born on July 4th, 1959, in Millersburg, Ohio (18 miles South of Wooster, about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus). My parents are Harold T. (“Guz”) Blum Jr. and Marjorie Myers Blum, both now deceased. I have a sibling in central Ohio, one in Kentucky, two in Arizona, and one deceased.

I was married on September 1, 1979, to Gail Renita Martin, originally from Wakarusa, IN. Her parents are Rufus (now deceased) and Thelma Martin. We have two daughters, Abigail Martin Blum Sudds (born 1985) and Elaine Martin Blum (born 1987).

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