Are You THAT Blum?

Whether I’m related to this or that Blum you know of: The answer is almost always “I don’t know.” Blum is apparently a very common Swiss name. From what I’ve been able to find out to date, we trace back to a Robert Blum who came to the U.S. (Indiana, I think) from Switzerland (I think) who would have been my great-great-grandfather. His son Robert apparently became a stone cutter in the Cleveland OH area. The younger Robert’s son Harold (“H.T.”) was the father of my father Harold Jr. (“Guz”). If you are reading this, and know more, let me know.

Whether I’m THAT Peter Blum or not:  I’ve found that there are a number of other guys named Peter Blum out there, and you may be looking for one of them instead of me. Here are just some of the others that I’ve found:

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