I am Professor of Philosophy and Culture and Director of the Sociology and Social Thought Program at Hillsdale College. Here is Hillsdale’s website.  I am in the Philosophy & Religion Department.  I have been employed at Hillsdale since 1992.  Views expressed by me, either here on this webpage/blog or on social media, are not to be taken as representative in any way of my employer, and views expressed by their representatives are not necessarily mine.

A recent PDF copy of my curriculum vitae is available here.

A sampling of classes that I have taught with some regularity over the years:

  • Understanding Society & Culture (core course in sociology)
  • Emergence of Sociological Thought
  • Interaction & Social Definition (Symbolic Interactionist Sociology)
  • Deviance & Social Control
  • American Pragmatism (formerly American Philosophy)
  • Late Modern Philosophy
  • 20th Century Continental Philosophy
  • Recent Continental Philosophy
  • Phenomenology
  • Knowledge, Thought & Society (AKA Sociology of Knowledge)
  • Anabaptist Christianity
  • Seminars on major thinkers (incl. Merleau-Ponty, Hegel, Heidegger, Gadamer, Derrida, Freud) or topics (incl. community, ritual, psychoanalytic thought, language & Continental philosophy)
  • Religion, Society & Culture (Sociology of Religion)
  • The American Religious Landscape
  • Classical Theories of Religion

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